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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Saturday that Turkey knew the European Union (EU).

Speaking at the Session of Ministers as part of the World Turkish Entrepreneurs Congress in Istanbul, Davutoglu said that Turkey was playing with the rules of the EU.

Davutoglu said that the EU wanted biometric passports, integrated border management and a readmission agreement from Turkey.We have worked with our relevant institutions and began distributing biometric passports in six months. We have taken crucial steps for an integrated border management. The readmission agreement is now ready for signature. We have asked the EU to appoint a commissioner so we can begin discussing visa exemptions. They told us to sign the readmission agreement and that they would deal with the visa issue later, Davutoglu said.

We now know the EU. We are playing with EUs rules. We will never sign the readmission agreement unless we receive visa exemption, Davutoglu said. If there is no visa, there is no signature, Davutoglu also said.
Source: Cumhuriyet
URL: http://en.cumhuriyet.com/?hn=294392

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