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Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU talks, Egemen Bagis, said Thursday that Turkey had Europes most promising economy, most strongest military and one of the most young populations.

Speaking on Turkish private TV channel Bugun TV on Thursday, Egemen Bagis said that he would not let Turkey, a very strategic country, be pushed around by some EU member states as the Turkish chief negotiator.

We have taken highly important steps since I took office in harmonizing Turkey to the EU criteria. 27 new laws and around 200 regulations were adopted vis-a-vis the EU in Turkey, Bagis said.

Out of 33 chapters, 13 have been opened to negotiations with Turkey. Had there been no political obstacles, 29 chapters could have been opened to negotiations as Turkey made the necessary reforms, Bagis said.

Turkey is now a more democratic, more rich and more transparent country. Europes interests make it a necessity for Europe to display respect to Turkey which it deserves, Bagis also said.

Source: Turkish Weekly

URL: www.turkishweekly.net/news/111662/turkey-has-europe-39-s-most-promising-economy-bagis-says.html

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