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Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for European Union (EU) talks, Egemen Bagis, said Thursday that Turkey wished for the chapter on competition to be opened to negotiations.Egemen Bagis attended a ministerial meeting of EU member and candidate countries in Budapest, Hungary on Thursday.Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Bagis said that Turkey would not place her economy under risk while wishing to conduct negotiations on the competition chapter. We have made it clear that we will postpone the opening of the chapter on competition if necessary, Bagis underlined.Bagis said that, after long years, the EU term presidency (currently Hungary) came together with five candidate countries and shared views on the plans of Hungary and what the candidate countries expected from the term presidency. The EU needs new hopes. Such hopes will be achieved with the membership of the five candidate countries. EU member countries will reach brighter days with the contributions of candidate countries, Bagis also said.Source: CumhuriyetURL: http://en.cumhuriyet.com/?hn=208220

2 Responses to Turkey wishes for chapter on competition to be opened to negotiations, Chief Negotiator Bagis says

  1. Yunus says:

    Bagis has offended the EU too many times. They no longer listen to him, or even notice him.

  2. Orhun says:

    Bagis is doing the right thing. Why open the Competition Chapter and hurt the Turkish economy when there is no certainty that EU membership will happen? Bagis hasnt offended the EU, the EU has lost credibility with all members of the Turkish public. There are court decisions in the EU (Germany, Netherlands, ECJ) that state that Turks dont require a visa yet they dont enforce them and then they preach to Turks about the rule of law

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