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Turkey’s Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu called for sincerity in talks for the reunification of Cyprus in his first official trip abroad Monday. Continue Reading »

Recent research suggests that almost half of the people in Turkey believe the country will become a full member of the EU. The results from the fifth year of research on Turkish citizens and the EU conducted by the Turkey-Europe Education and Scientific Research Foundation (TAVAK) indicates that 43 percent of those surveyed believe in full EU membership, which is a record high, as opposed to the record low of 17 percent in 2012. Continue Reading »

The European Union condemned PKK’s terrorist attacks in Turkey and expressed that it will support Turkey and its people in the fight against terrorism, a European Commision spokeswoman said on Tuesday. Continue Reading »

The divided island of Cyprus is often considered one of the major hurdles in Turkey’s path toward joining the European Union, but the newfound optimism that surrounds the latest round of reunification negotiations could potentially provide a much-needed boost for Turkey’s bid to join the bloc – if it ends in success.  Continue Reading »

Turkey’s historical engagement with the European Union has always had its ups and downs, but most of the time uncertainty played a huge part. The first interaction dates back to 1959 when Turkey applied for association to the European Economic Community (EEC).The Ankara Agreement, signed between Turkey and the EEC in 1963, gave the prospect to provide membership. However, in 1987 when Turkey applied for full EU membership, things got serious. Two years later Turkey’s application was confirmed, but rejected by the EU on the grounds that it has democratic deficiencies. Turkey entered final period of accession in 1995, after years of its transition process. However, in the EU Summit held in 1997, Turkey was not mentioned among candidate countries. Continue Reading »

The European Parliament (EP) has approved Turkey’s 2014 progress report for EU membership by 432 votes to 94, with 127 abstentions at a plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday. Continue Reading »

Turkey and the European Union have said that membership talks remain a “cornerstone” in their relations.

The statement came ahead of a fresh EU-Turkey Association Council meeting in Brussels on Monday.

It was also revealed on Sunday that Turkey is to receive 18 million euros ($20.5 million) from the EU to support the country as it shelters almost two million refugees from Syria. Continue Reading »

In a rare move, Turkey’s ruling party and two main opposition parties have come together to issue a joint statement to strongly condemn the European Parliament’s recent resolution terming the 1915 events “genocide.” Continue Reading »

Turkey and the EU Wednesday signed a joint declaration on energy cooperation, and launched a “High Level Energy Dialog” which will involve meetings at ministerial level at least once a year, the Turkish energy ministry said in a statement. Continue Reading »

The Turkish parliament speaker has urged European Union to open more chapters in Turkey’s accession bid into the union.  Continue Reading »

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