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Turkey and the EU Wednesday signed a joint declaration on energy cooperation, and launched a “High Level Energy Dialog” which will involve meetings at ministerial level at least once a year, the Turkish energy ministry said in a statement. Continue Reading »

The Turkish parliament speaker has urged European Union to open more chapters in Turkey’s accession bid into the union.  Continue Reading »

Portuguese Prime Minister Passos Coelho stressed Tuesday the need to enable Turkey’s accession to the European Union. Continue Reading »

Turkey is working to complete the requirements for European Union membership, said the country’s EU minister on Monday. Continue Reading »

A decade after first opening formal talks on European Union accession, Turkey has reinvigorated its application for EU membership with the launch of phase II of its Nation Action Plan. Turkey’s Ambassador to France, H.E. Hakki Akil, explains how his nation has been able to achieve robust growth amid regional and international turmoil, and declares that Turkey is now so strong economically that it would be a significant net contributor to the EU, should its application be accepted. Continue Reading »

Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister Volkan Bozkır, who is paying an official visit to Washington, D.C., this week, has stated that the EU does not have the luxury of denying membership to Turkey. Continue Reading »

Energy cooperation, trade volume and EU membership topped a high-level meeting on Monday between Hungary and Turkey’s foreign ministers in Ankara.

During a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart, Hungary’s Peter Szijjarto said: “I would like to stress that we look to Turkey as an important partner of the EU and Hungary. We support all kinds of negotiations and talks between Turkey and the EU.”

Continue Reading »

It was announced Monday that EU leaders have agreed to share intelligence not only with member states, but also with other countries, including Turkey, Egypt and Gulf states in order to combat terrorism. Continue Reading »

BRUSSELS – The European Parliament’s rapporteur on Turkey’s accession into EU has called for opening of chapters on judiciary and fundamental rights so that urgent reforms can be implemented in the country. Continue Reading »

BRUSSELS, Jan 15 (Reuters) – Turkey and the European Union sought to minimise their differences on Thursday when Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu visited Brussels and offered more cooperation in the fight against Islamic State. Continue Reading »

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